Sat, 18 Mar 2006

Feet and feet of fresh powder!

Just got back from a week in Morzine. I didn't have time to take many pictures but a couple of them show the sheer amount of snow the fell during the week. Check out the snow cave, which was build by Jamie, Perter and Jack to hold all 11 of us and a pot on hot wine.

On one day I came back from the slopes to find over a foot of snow built up against the front door.

Apart from snow we had an incredible place to stay with such luxuries as our own sauna and hot hub! And a fully stocked liqueur cabinet. Lots of nights playing racing demon and snapscat, including the last night on which I actually managed to win (thanks mostly to Jo going home early).

We stayed on the far side of the Les Gets mountain where we shared a chair lift with a few other chalets. This meant the on powder days (which were every day!) we always got first tracks down the runs that lead to our house. On most days we have first tracks on two different black runs and tree runs for a good hour before most others arrived to destroy our virgin powder. There was also a nice snow park just over the peak towards Les Gets but due to the amount of powder that fell it was only open on one day. This meant I was stuck on small kickers. I'm starting to really nail bigger backside 180s (about time!) but still not consistent 360. Something for Les 2 Alpes in the summer.

Also, the reason this post update is a little late is that moved location while I was away and for various reasons was down for almost a week :( Enough for the my mail to start bouncing, so sorry to anyone who got a bounce. Time to re-subscribe to all those debian lists that don't tolerate bounces.

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