Wed, 15 Feb 2006

Getting old

I must be getting old, or maybe just more focused. Yesterday, I worked late and ordered pizza at the office. The first thing I was asked was "what's your phone number?". I've had the same number of over five years now, so clearly I said "07973.."... and forget the rest. I tried again. And again. In the end I had to ask if I could call back later.

How many times have I said the phone number outloud from memory. Certainly many hundreds. When I did track down the number in written form I read it out and it sounded alien. Certainly not the number I should be very used to.

Is this just me working too hard? Or maybe getting old? Or is it something more sinister. Perhaps its a clue in the phildickian sense, like the guy who goes to pull the light cored in his bathroom and the realises its a switch, and that he's never lived in a house with a light cord?

That's my first personal entry in my new blog. Hope you like it.

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Posted by at Wed Feb 15 10:15:05 2006
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Posted by tessa at Fri Feb 17 18:40:23 2006
hello, i like it, and now i will go back and read everything in this blog ever, in its new format and categories!

Posted by tessa at Fri Feb 17 18:42:35 2006
also, sometimes, when people ask me my telephone number, i say yours. i have to think both numbers through in my head, and then try to assign myself one, before i can say it with any certainty. sometimes i have to write it out. so....welll.....i dunno, at least it makes two.

Posted by LidiaBuckley20 at Sun Sep 25 00:07:16 2011
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