15 Feb 2006

Wed, 15 Feb 2006


I just installed openid plugin for pyblosxom. This means you can now post to my blog using and OpenID server. In plain old english that means you can use your live journal account to post comments.

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Getting old

I must be getting old, or maybe just more focused. Yesterday, I worked late and ordered pizza at the office. The first thing I was asked was "what's your phone number?". I've had the same number of over five years now, so clearly I said "07973.."... and forget the rest. I tried again. And again. In the end I had to ask if I could call back later.

How many times have I said the phone number outloud from memory. Certainly many hundreds. When I did track down the number in written form I read it out and it sounded alien. Certainly not the number I should be very used to.

Is this just me working too hard? Or maybe getting old? Or is it something more sinister. Perhaps its a clue in the phildickian sense, like the guy who goes to pull the light cored in his bathroom and the realises its a switch, and that he's never lived in a house with a light cord?

That's my first personal entry in my new blog. Hope you like it.

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First pyblosxom plugin

I just wrote a little plugin for pyblosxom called permadate. Its based on a plugin I found called rememberdate that didn't work at all and was very broken. All this plugin does is maintain a single file which caches the timestamps of all blog entries. Once a blog entry is in the cache you can update the files timestamp without it being reflected in your blog. The method I use one accessed the file once at startup and occasionally (when it sees a new blog entry) once at shutdown.

Next I'm planning a serious plugin to display photo galleries, based on my existing gallery but in the style of pyblosxom. I'm going to make it very simple for users to add entire tree's of images to their gallery just by putting them in the gallery folder. The same way pyblosxom works for blog entries. Comments and hitcounts will be maintained in a separate but parallel tree do the users images need to be apache-writable.

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Move to Pyblosxom

For more that a year now I've been thinking I should ditch my homemade peython blogging system and move to a fully featured onc that actually gets maintained. Yesterday I finally got around to it. I spend the bast part of a day moving to pyblosxom. Installing it was easy (apt-get install pyblosxom) but getting it all configured and importing all my old entries from MySQL took a while. Now you con finally post comments on the stuff I write here!

Pyblosxom is written in python, which doesn't guarantee its greatness, but it helps. It also has tons of plugins, some of which are installed here already. Notably the booklist plugin allows people to see what I'm reading, what I've read, and what I thought of each book. It also pulls cover images direct from amazon. Very cool.

So, the upshot is that there should be a lot more postings to this blog coming up. Since the last port was well over a year ago I can't really get any worse at updating it. I'm going to try and blog more about what I'm doing with GNU/linux as well as stuff going on in my life. I'm also planning to turn my hand rolled photo gallery into a pyblosxom plugin.

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