Sun, 15 Jul 2012

New job!

Tomorrow will be my first day at my new job at Google in Mountain View. Very exciting. Looking forward to learning a lot of doing some crazy cool shit over the next few years.

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Fri, 23 Sep 2011

first week in Ukraine

I've just spend my first week in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. I'm staying right in the middle of town on Karl Marks Ave and working just around the corner. So far so good. The language is the main things that is eluding me. Despite Rosseta Stone I'm finding it pretty hard to pick up many words. Its seems like the ending of most words change for a million different reasons.

Vegetarian food is not as hard to find as I hard expected. People are very friendly, even though most don't understand me. I have a nice apartment right in the centre and four weeks left of my stay. Apparently the sleeper train to Kiev or Lviv is worth doing but that can probably wait until Tessa comes to visit in a couple of week.

Photos in the gallery coming soon.

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Wed, 24 Aug 2011

galazy S get gingerbread

Finally got around to flashing my galaxy S with gingerbread. So much smoother now. No more waiting 8 seconds (literally!) for the keyboard to appear.

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Mon, 17 Jan 2011

First tahoe trip of the season

This season I'm leasing a cabin with 10 other up by Donner lake. Tessa and I just drove up to today in the sunshine. Its super beautiful up here.

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Wed, 22 Dec 2010


If you haven't already signed up now is a good time to join falttr. Really smart micro-payments system for donating to things you like. Founded by some of the pirate bay folks.

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Fri, 17 Dec 2010

another top iPhone game build with Airplay

Another big title built using the technology that I've spend years building.

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Sat, 27 Nov 2010

speaking at the webos developer day

I just spend a week on the east coast seeing family and also speaking at the webos developer day. You can see my presentation about 5 minutes into this video.

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Sun, 09 May 2010

Just moved into a great co-working space the mission

I just moved in last week to an awesome little co-working space in the mission. Will port some pictures soon. Its great to be so central and nice to have geeks to chat to face to face. They even have a meeting room with a bed in it! :)

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Sun, 25 Apr 2010

Its finally Official

Tessa and I finally, after many many years together decided to officially tie the knot. We were married on Thuesday the 20th of April at city hall in San Francisco.

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Thu, 04 Feb 2010

Presenting at macworld

Next week I'm going to be presenting airplay at macworld.. on the main stage! I'm pretty nervous about getting up in front of all those people. I sure hope they don't mind being told that the iPhone is the only game in town.

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Mon, 28 Dec 2009

finally switched to git

I finally got the git bug and switched all my old repositories from svn. All my ancient projects are now available via gitweb. As you can see some of them having been updated in 7 or 8 years to this was largely a way for me to learn git-svn.

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Thu, 05 Nov 2009

Dr megavolt

Is performing tonight at after dark at the exploratorium in San Francisco.

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airplay sdk is now available for download

The airplay SDK (which I've spend the last few years working on) is now available for download at Anyone can now download it and try it out.

Basically it allows you to develop apps in standard C/C++, build then using whichever compiler you like and run the resulting binary on all mobile phone platform (well.. all platforms that allow third party native apps).

Check it out!

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Wed, 07 Oct 2009

new laptop has arrived

Will my trusty lenovo X300 got rained on pretty hard and the little draining system under the keyboard couldn't save it.

Since I never really liked the screen on the X300 I decided to go back to Sony and get a new Z series. Much more powerful (300Gb disk, 4Gb RAM, 2.66Ghz) and still way way lighter than even the 13" MacBook pro.

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Tue, 11 Aug 2009

Busy in Cali

Orr hot springs and Rock the Bells in one weekend... this week Santa Cruz and Sea Ranch.

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Wed, 22 Jul 2009

Great to be back

We've been back in SF for a few days now and everything has been pretty great. From our welcome to Simon's house with the hot tub heated, to our first night out at the fire arts festival. Its been so nice to see our old friends again.

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Fri, 17 Jul 2009

Nomore Nowhere 2009

Nowhere 2009 is over and it rocked pretty hard. Not sure how Burning Man is going to compare after all these great years at nowhere.

Now we're about to head back to live in San Francisco for a big. I'm half excited and half amazing that we're actually going to get on a place in a bout 1/2 an hour.

It was super great to see everyone last night for our goodbye drinks. Hopefully I'll be back in London from time to time to see people and lots of folks will be coming out of the burn this year.

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Mon, 01 Jun 2009

Lundy island

After spending a few days on Lundy island last week one thing is for your: I'll be back. Beautiful sea cliffs and sunshine with not a sole in sight.

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Thu, 23 Apr 2009

Things not to try

Try not to do the following.

Go to the supermarket with your fancy Osprey rucksack and feel smug as you pack all you shopping into it without using any plastic bags. Try a bit to hard and cause a carton of mango juice to split but don't notice this until half way home you find the you back getting wet. Get home to find a litre of mango juice swimming around the bottom of your rucksack.

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Wed, 18 Feb 2009

Lenny (Debian 5.0) is here!

I know its already been posted in a million location but I thought its worth mentioning that lenny has arrived! Well done to everyone who worked hard for so long on this release. I have to say that I did very little personally to make this release happen but am looking to increase my involvement in the future.

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Sat, 21 Jun 2008


Tessa and I just got back from 2 weeks in Mozambique. You can see the photos we took here. We stayed with Olly and Hermione in Maputo and they hired a monster of a truck to drive up the coast and visit some of the most incredible beaches and islands. We also spent a couple of days down in Swaziland and stayed on a game reserve where the Rhinos literally walk through the camp site! All in all a serious break from London and a great experience.

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Fri, 14 Mar 2008 has moved

After 5 years of hosting in the Bay Area is now being hosted back home in England. The new machine is an IBM eserver with RAID1 and LVM on a pair of SCSI drives.

Thanks to matt for finding this machine super cheap on eBay and for Simon for hosting my box for the last 5 years.

Currently the machine is in the server room at my office so I'm currently looking for cheap colo in london.

I took the opportunity to reinstall etch as I moved to the new box and also finally ditched me bespoke iptables scripts in favour of shorewall.

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Mon, 28 Jan 2008

Google's Android

Before Christmas I was playing around with getting native apps to run underneath Google's android framework and having quite a bit of success.-

Apart from a slightly strange dynamic linker and libc everything pretty much behaves like standard linux. There are couple of missing libc and libpthread functions that are easy enough to stub/implement and then away you go. I even got SDL up and running with very little trouble.

Also, it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks Android bares more than a passing resemblance to the software stack we build at Transvirtual back in 2000. Jim Pick also mentioned it on his blog.

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Sun, 10 Jun 2007

First Night

I just got back from seeing Forced Entertainment at the Arts Admin space in white chapel. They performed First Night which I glad to say lived up to all my expectations. Their stuff can be really provoking and this was just that. It was easily as good as any of their other stuff I've seen.

Its a shame I missed other pieces they have been doing over the last week. I think I am becoming a true Forced Entertainment fan. They are also doing something in the Festival Hall for meltdown festival in not to long. Hurrah! Anyone who has not yet seem these guys needs to go!

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Faster than sound

Last night I was at Faster than sound where Ben Stern and is involved with building the sixty foot dome. It was an amazing event. Completely uncrowded and full of amazing sound experiments. Set on a decommissioned US air-force base east of London. The surrounding are completely amazing and surreal. Highly recommended.

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Sat, 24 Mar 2007

Tales of the City

After more than two years I finally got to visit my old home of San Francisco. Even better, I was able to get my flights paid for by combining my visits with GDC 2007 where Ideaworks had a lot of business going on.

It was really great to see all my old friends who I love so much and to see what has changed in the city. The main difference seem to be that even more people have been forced to move over the bridge to Oakland due to city prices. Apart from that everything seems pretty much as I left it. We even got glorious sunshine for the weekend of the 10th and 11th.

GDC was also super fun and I got to meet up with a lot of old colleagues from MathEngine who are now scattered all over the industry. Was especially good to see James Golding again, who is now at Epic writing large parts of their engine product. And, of course, I got to consume unlimited amounts of food and drink at the various industry events.

I've uploaded the few photos I took on the trip. Most of them are of the weekend in Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately. I didn't get many pictures of my time in the city.

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Tue, 16 Jan 2007

new version of pypod

After almost a year I've made an update to 'pypod', the python library I wrote for handling the iPod filesystem.

The new version 0.6.0 is available in source form from here.

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Thu, 21 Sep 2006

Ironpython on debian

Looks like ironpython 1.0 plays nice with the latest version of mono in debian! I see its in the new queue as well... hope it gets in:

I was able to simple unzip the ironpython source, change CSC=csc to CSC=gmcs, type make, and run ipy.exe on my sid machine. Hurray. Soon we can say goodbye to the miriade of different interpreter engines we have and bow down the one true byte-code. For once MS have given something less that harmful.

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Sat, 03 Jun 2006

back in the USA

Next week I'm going to LA for work. Not that exciting, except that it means I may be able to come to up to SF for the weekend and see all my lovely friends, restaurants and climbing walls.

Hey you SF people, I know you probably don't read this stuff ever, but if you do then let me know if you're around the weekend of the 10th and 11th. I've probably already mailed you anyway.

I wonder how many super burritos I can eat in one weekend. Maybe I can carry them back in my hand luggage and freeze them for consuming here in London. Tessa brought one back for me last time she went and we ate it cold the next day on the train to Bath!

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Wed, 05 Apr 2006

more id3tag fumbling in python

Just invested some time in my mp3tool utility and added support for the mutagen id3 reading/writing library. mp3tool is pure python tool for dealing with large numbers of mp3 files. It now supports eyed3, id3lib and mutagen for reading tags so it can be used to compare the performance of these three libraries.

mp3tool can be downloaded via http, ftp or subversion.

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Sat, 18 Mar 2006

Feet and feet of fresh powder!

Just got back from a week in Morzine. I didn't have time to take many pictures but a couple of them show the sheer amount of snow the fell during the week. Check out the snow cave, which was build by Jamie, Perter and Jack to hold all 11 of us and a pot on hot wine.

On one day I came back from the slopes to find over a foot of snow built up against the front door.

Apart from snow we had an incredible place to stay with such luxuries as our own sauna and hot hub! And a fully stocked liqueur cabinet. Lots of nights playing racing demon and snapscat, including the last night on which I actually managed to win (thanks mostly to Jo going home early).

We stayed on the far side of the Les Gets mountain where we shared a chair lift with a few other chalets. This meant the on powder days (which were every day!) we always got first tracks down the runs that lead to our house. On most days we have first tracks on two different black runs and tree runs for a good hour before most others arrived to destroy our virgin powder. There was also a nice snow park just over the peak towards Les Gets but due to the amount of powder that fell it was only open on one day. This meant I was stuck on small kickers. I'm starting to really nail bigger backside 180s (about time!) but still not consistent 360. Something for Les 2 Alpes in the summer.

Also, the reason this post update is a little late is that moved location while I was away and for various reasons was down for almost a week :( Enough for the my mail to start bouncing, so sorry to anyone who got a bounce. Time to re-subscribe to all those debian lists that don't tolerate bounces.

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Sun, 26 Feb 2006

Summer snowboarding

In 2002 I spent the part of the summer in Les 2 Aples. They have one of the best snowboard parks in the world and its open from June to September. There is so much to do there and the weather is beautiful. Sun, snowboarding, rock climbing, skating, outdoor swimming pool, tennis. And its cheaper and less crowded than the winter season. Check out some the photos.

This year I'm hoping to organise a similar trip. Hopefully book an apartment for the month of July. I wish I should remember the emails of some of the people I met back then in 2002. Tim and Tom, if you read this then get in touch!

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Switching from CVS to SVN

Today I moved both my private and my public CVS repositories over to SVN. All modules, along with their history, are now available via svn:// and viewcvs is now setup to browse SVN rather then CVS.

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Wed, 22 Feb 2006

PGP Tattoo

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo. In true geek style I was thinking of getting my GPG fingerprint tattooed on my person somewhere. Maybe just the long (16-byte) key id. I'll post here some mockups once I've created them.

Am I crazy to do this? Couldn't I think of a more imaginative thing to permanently scare myself with? Well, I figure this would represent many things that I believe in: freedom, privacy and free software, all in one little hex string. Actually, maybe I am crazy.

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Linux Software Suspend

Finally, after several years of periodic attempts my laptop is now able to suspend to disk. In the last couple of days its been powered up and down several times without ever shutting down my applications. Not quite sure why it took so long to get this working properly. It was the finally feature that made me consider switching OSs (not seriously of course!).

Now that its working I need to find a way to easily trigger it. Perhaps in the lid closed event in /etc/acpid? For some reason gnome power manager still doesn't think that suspend is an option so I'm having to do it from the command line.

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Wed, 15 Feb 2006


I just installed openid plugin for pyblosxom. This means you can now post to my blog using and OpenID server. In plain old english that means you can use your live journal account to post comments.

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Getting old

I must be getting old, or maybe just more focused. Yesterday, I worked late and ordered pizza at the office. The first thing I was asked was "what's your phone number?". I've had the same number of over five years now, so clearly I said "07973.."... and forget the rest. I tried again. And again. In the end I had to ask if I could call back later.

How many times have I said the phone number outloud from memory. Certainly many hundreds. When I did track down the number in written form I read it out and it sounded alien. Certainly not the number I should be very used to.

Is this just me working too hard? Or maybe getting old? Or is it something more sinister. Perhaps its a clue in the phildickian sense, like the guy who goes to pull the light cored in his bathroom and the realises its a switch, and that he's never lived in a house with a light cord?

That's my first personal entry in my new blog. Hope you like it.

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First pyblosxom plugin

I just wrote a little plugin for pyblosxom called permadate. Its based on a plugin I found called rememberdate that didn't work at all and was very broken. All this plugin does is maintain a single file which caches the timestamps of all blog entries. Once a blog entry is in the cache you can update the files timestamp without it being reflected in your blog. The method I use one accessed the file once at startup and occasionally (when it sees a new blog entry) once at shutdown.

Next I'm planning a serious plugin to display photo galleries, based on my existing gallery but in the style of pyblosxom. I'm going to make it very simple for users to add entire tree's of images to their gallery just by putting them in the gallery folder. The same way pyblosxom works for blog entries. Comments and hitcounts will be maintained in a separate but parallel tree do the users images need to be apache-writable.

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Move to Pyblosxom

For more that a year now I've been thinking I should ditch my homemade peython blogging system and move to a fully featured onc that actually gets maintained. Yesterday I finally got around to it. I spend the bast part of a day moving to pyblosxom. Installing it was easy (apt-get install pyblosxom) but getting it all configured and importing all my old entries from MySQL took a while. Now you con finally post comments on the stuff I write here!

Pyblosxom is written in python, which doesn't guarantee its greatness, but it helps. It also has tons of plugins, some of which are installed here already. Notably the booklist plugin allows people to see what I'm reading, what I've read, and what I thought of each book. It also pulls cover images direct from amazon. Very cool.

So, the upshot is that there should be a lot more postings to this blog coming up. Since the last port was well over a year ago I can't really get any worse at updating it. I'm going to try and blog more about what I'm doing with GNU/linux as well as stuff going on in my life. I'm also planning to turn my hand rolled photo gallery into a pyblosxom plugin.

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Wed, 07 Jul 2004

New Laptop is on its way

At last I've got the insurance money from CityLink after waiting more then 5 months! Just ordered a sexy new Sony Z1. Should be here on Teusday. Hurray!

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